It was bound to happen...

What if we wrote our papers, stories, and poetry the way that we text our friends?

TweetMyPaper allows you to do this by assembling your documents (line by line) in 140 character bursts.

It isn't easy to write when you can't go backwards!

"I don't get it!"
OK, look at it this way.
In school they taught you to edit and revise and be very careful to craft the perfect paper.
Real life interpersonal communication has taught you that it's ok to just shout out your ideas line by line.
This marries the two.
Can you write papers, stories, and poetry the way you talk to your friends?

What do I do?

  1. Click the Connect button in the Menu and login to Facebook
  2. If prompted, give Facebook permission to let TweetMyPaper interact with your account
  3. Create a Paper
  4. Write the paper line by line in 140 character bursts
  5. When done, Close the paper and post as a Note on your Facebook Wall
News 6/10/2011
The site is open for business again! If you want to relink with your old account (we used to use Twitter and now we use Facebook) email me and I can transfer it for you. Also if you find a mistake or typo - email me ASAP so I can try and fix it!